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MGM Grand Adds Extreme Wellness Room Option

For a $30 charge, guests at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, get some of the newest wellness amenities. Features like vitamin C showers, light therapy and water filtration systems are included in 42 new STAY WELL Rooms that opened in late October.

“We started with an idea six years ago for residential real estate,” says Morad Fareed, co-founder of Delos Development Group. Delos has pioneered Wellness Real Estate, which uses wellness amenities in residential and hospitality settings.

“The notion of sustainability had only focused on the environment,” he says. “We wanted to put the same emphasis and focus to people’s health and wellbeing in the built environment. So, we began a long process of research, development and testing. We started with basic ideas like spa features that we enjoy and integrated them with wellness. It grew and became bigger.”

For example, aromatherapy: “We went deeper and found real scientific connections to heart rate and blood pressure,” says Fareed. “We did more testing and that’s how we started applying science.”

“Then, we married architecture, science, medicine,” he says. The first installation of wellness technologies was in a private home that has 50 features. Six months from now a new condo building using many of the features will open in Manhattan.

The most unusual of these features is the lighting system. “We’ve studied, developed and have a patent pending on lighting that matches your body’s circadian rhythms. Our bodies produce hormones like melatonin and cortisol in response to daylight. Artificial light destroys that,” he says.

With STAY WELL Room lighting, he says, “We adjust the lighting to not give your body the wrong messages. Assume you’re in bathroom in the morning. Our lighting helps boost cortisol levels the same way the sunlight does. There’s a great amount of intelligence behind it, it’s meant to give your body the right cues for what it’s supposed to do.”

Room lighting is among several changes to MGM Grand Stay Well rooms. Others include:

• Wake-up light therapy exposes guests to short periods of blue-shaded lighting to increase energy and reverse jetlag.
• Night lighting uses LED lamps to light up pathways at night to avoid disturbing melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep.
• Dawn-simulator alarm clocks gradually and gently awaken the body.
• Vitamin C shower infusion neutralizes chlorine for healthier hair and skin.
• Water filtration systems reduce disinfectant byproducts, chlorine and pesticides.
• An advanced HEPA-standard air-purification system removes allergens, toxins and pathogens.

Additional elements include electromagnetic field protection, aromatherapy options and antibacterial coatings. Special programming includes access to The Cleveland Clinic’s wellness software and television programming featuring renowned health and wellness expert Deepak Chopra.

Fareed, understandably, refuses to single in on a most popular feature. “It’s very subjective,” he says. “If you’re allergy sensitive, our air features and our hypoallergenic sheets and toiletries. If you’re traveling from afar or a different time zone and will experience jetlag, a lot of our sleep features will be important to you.”

He predicts a good audience for the rooms. “We found, through our research, that this target audience is broader than one would originally think. It’s not necessarily a health nut,” he says. “One in four people suffer from allergies. Add to that people suffering from insomnia, and hygienic and clean freaks and you get to a large majority of the traveling population. This will be a lot broader than any one market or consumer type.”

And so, the company has high hopes for ongoing development. “The residential piece is the first mover and hospitality is a logical next,” says Fareed. “We just signed a [hospitality] development partnership on the West Coast and we’re looking at San Francisco, Los Angeles and Aspen. We believe it has a home in many markets and different pieces of real estate.”

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