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Omni Dallas Says Year-One Revenue is 24% Above Projections

From The Dallas Morning News
Omni Dallas Year-One Revenue is 24% Above Projections
Since Nov. 11, 2011, when the city-owned Omni Dallas Hotel opened to the public, the financial fate of two distinct groups has been on the line.

Dallas taxpayers ultimately will pay the freight if the 1,001-room hotel, which is attached to the Dallas Convention Center, cannot carry its own weight. And the existing hotels nearest the city center will take the hit if the Omni prospers at the expense of everyone else.

With one yearís worth of revenue in the bank, the Omni, city officials and even some competitors say the hotelís first season has been more successful than planners had anticipated. Meanwhile, stats from a travel research service show that the occupancy rate and room rental rates in the central city nudged up slightly even as the supply increased by more than 300,000 room nights per year. Click here for the full story.

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