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Products October 15, 2012

Olive Branch Botanicals offers a line of bathroom amenities that the company says are softer and gentler and provide a more ecological approach to skin and body care and includes a respect for the environment.

Witt Industries expanded its line of GeoCube indoor recycling containers with a larger, 36-gallon capacity model, the addition of a recycle blue color as an option on all sizes, an improved bag holder retainer band and a new combination top for cans and paper. Also, the decals to identify the recycling stream for its cube has been changed to a new, more readable typeface design.

Donper America introduced a new yogurt machine hotels can use for buffet areas, breakout sessions, free evening meals and other occasions. The model BH7480 is a freestanding unit that dispenses two flavors with a twist option housed in a slim-design stainless steel compartment. The machine is air-cooled, eliminating the need for it to connect to water and glycol systems.

Bloom is a new carpet collection from Aqua Hospitality Carpets and Zeftron, a premium branded nylon 6 fiber system. The line is available in three nature-themed styles—Flora, Pure Petal and Just Leafy—and six colorways ranging from neutral earthtones to natural brights. Available in both broadloom and tile, the collection is suited for guestrooms, corridors and lobby areas.

The Silent Servant Hotel Kit from Silent Call Communications is a complete package to meet the needs of guests who are deaf or hard of hearing while meeting applicable ADA regulations. The kit includes a receiver with built-in alarm clock, smoke detector with transmitter, sound monitor for the telephone, doorbell transmitter on a bracket, bed vibrator and a snap-on phone amp.

Bradley Corp. introduced the Advocate AV-Series Lavatory System, which it says is the first lavatory unit to include a sink, soap, faucet and dual-sided hand dryer in one unit. In addition to user convenience and functionality, the all-in-one design ensures all waste water goes down the drain, not on the floor or down the walls. Available in two- or three-user models, the lavatory is also ADA compliant, says the company.

Oxygenics has expanded its line of self-pressurizing showerheads to include four series. The Spa Series features the Evolution hand-held, rotating-head, multi-feature spray. The Power Series has the Power Massage Combo that offers 35 different sprays and a dual showerhead. The Rain Series is a wide (up to 10 inches) showerhead that has up to 54 power nozzles on each unit. The Classic Series includes simple and affordable models.

Sunbeam’s new Elite CR1003 clock radio designed specifically for hotels is a “talking” product with a wide array of other features but is simple to operate, says the company. Features include voice, nap timer, USB charger, radio seek, iPod dock and white noise. It also has what Sunbeam calls a foolproof alarm setting system that incorporates an audible voice that instructs and confirms guest alarm settings. The unit also has a large, bright LCD display with easy-to-read time and clearly marked “alarm on/off” and “alarm time” indicators.

TRI-Umph is a new addition to American Specialties’ Roval Collection of hand dryers. The company says the automatic high-speed dryer is a super-hygienic, fast-drying and competitively priced option for commercial washrooms. The unit’s ergonomic design allows users to dry their hands in a natural position without water splash-back or water falling to the floor and creating a hazard. Its filter system is comprised of three layers of filter: HEPA, carbon and anti-microbial.

Eleven Wireless, provider of a cloud-based guest Internet platform, launched ElevenOS software, which is a new framework for advanced bandwidth management that includes package tiering, in-session upgrades, sharing across multiple guest devices and easy provisioning and prioritization for groups and conferences.

At the recent HITEC trade show, Hotel Concepts-Brilliant introduced iTesso, a scalable, customizable and integrated cloud-based property management system, distribution platform and central reservations system. It also can be deployed as a direct connection between a hotel CRS and the global distribution system or as a distributed multi-property PMS with links to third-party CRS. The software is based and hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.

The Stand and Stow toothbrush holder from Lightbulb LLC is a hotel amenity that provides guests with a clean place to stand their toothbrushes in the bathroom and a convenient place to store the brushes when they leave. A customization program from the company allows hotels to place their logos on the item.

The fourth edition of Managing Legal Issues in the Hospitality Industry from Research and Markets Ltd. shows hotel owners and operators how to effectively and proactively manage the legal environment in their lodging properties. New to this edition are discussions of payment card industry compliance, revised ADA regulations, information on social media and more.

The Loudmouth Wireless PA System from Ritron, Inc. allows hotels to use existing portable two-way radios, base stations or mobile radios to deliver live voice messages at a distance of up to two miles away, making the system suitable for general paging or announcements, weather emergencies, security announcements and more. The company says the system installs easily and virtually anywhere with no trenching or extensive wiring required.

The Piper Chair from MTS Seating is contemporary and comfortable and takes stackable banquet seatings to “an elegant new level,” says the company. The multi-contoured seat shell provides the comfort. The chair is stackable up to 10 high and comes with a 12-year structural frame warranty.

The xPress Check-In app from Northwind allows hotels to use iPads and other tablets for personalized mobile check-in and check-out services with seamless remote access to Northwind’s Maestro Property Management Suite. Using the app, guest service agents can provide curbside service, upsell and change room assignments in real-time, complete group check-in and room blocking, remotely encode magstripe and RFID room keys, capture credit card info with PCI compliance and more.

The Plank Collection of furniture, developed by Pfeiffer Lab for furniture manufacturer Council, is made of Perennial Wood, a product made in the U.S. from domestically harvested Southern pine. The manufacturer says the wood undergoes a proprietary process that transforms its cell structure, leaving no toxic substances and providing a physical barrier that resists damage from outdoor elements for decades.

The SC9050B lightweight commercial upright vacuum from Sanitaire features a more durable design in a lightweight, easy-to-maneuver frame, says the company. The frame is made of magnesium, which is 75% lighter than steel and 33% lighter than aluminum. A new design allows users to place their foot on the vacuum hood and release the vacuum from the upright position without the use of the foot pedal.

Tingue, Brown & Co. introduced a heavy-duty Continuous Belt Cleaner for flatwork ironers. Using an abrasive mesh strip design, the cleaner accesses difficult-to-reach areas directly under the ironer to remove large amounts of dirt, lint, grime, wax and other contaminants that accumulate over time.

Lather Hotel partnered with luxury bath and body brand Mistral to introduce the Mistral Verveine hotel amenity collection. The products draw on organic shea butter to soften, natural olive oil to hydrate and condition and the scent of verbena to energize and soothe, says the company. The collection includes shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion, body soap, face soap, bath salts, shea butter and hand cream.

Enhancements to VingCard’s RFID locking technology promise to nearly double the reading speed for its Classic RFID, Signature RFID and Signature RFID Remotus designs. In addition, the company says the new platform enables the RFID locks to read keycards from more than twice as far.

Jamison Bedding’s new Town & Country mattress line comes in four models including one- and two-sided designs. ArmorPur technology repels water- and oil-based liquids and stains. It safeguards the bed from mold, mildew, algae, bacteria, odor-causing microbes and microbial deterioration.

Signet Cleaning Chemical Service combines cleaning chemicals from Diversey with the delivery service of Cintas. The co-branded product line includes floor, hard surface and manual warewashing cleaners. The delivery service eliminates the need to carry inventory and provides properly diluted chemicals at the push of a button.

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