Best practices, trends and news in the back-of-house engineering and maintenance departments of hotels and resorts.

Quick Fixes to Hotel Plumbing Problems 

For some reason, plumbing issues tend to scare people. Many believe tinkering with faucets, sinks or toilets might turn a small problem into a major fiasco. Others believe a twist here and a turn there with some pliers or a wrench will result in thousands of gallons of water gushing out of the fixture....

Hilton’s Recycling Program Saves $18 Per Mattress 

Until recently, hotels under the Hilton flag trashed old mattresses at a rough cost of $30 per bed. A new recycling program has reduced disposal costs to $12, saving the company about $900,00 the past two years. ...

Bartolin Helps Keep Broadmoor a Classic 

“Distinctive. Unique. Old. Those are the words he uses,” says Steve Bartolin, who is sitting behind his desk and talking to an architect via speakerphone. Terry McHale sits on the other side, leaning toward the desk while holding an architectural drawing of a proposed new building. Bartolin has just finished reading aloud a printed email from the resort’s new owner, billionaire Phil Anschutz. Bartolin’s ...

Report on Your Sustainability Efforts 

It began with reminders encouraging us to reuse towels and unplug phone chargers when not in use. It grew to include low-flow showerheads, on-site organic gardens and local sourcing of meats, fish and poultry. Across the lodging industry, owners and management ...

Understanding the Pool Lift Issue 

Despite the Department of Justice’s May 24 clarification and the looming Jan. 31 deadline for the installation of fixed pool lifts to existing pools, the hotel industry remains largely quiet on the issue. Two of the largest lift manufacturers say orders came to a halt early this year, and they’re only now starting to pick up again. And most hotel owners, management companies and franchisors declined comment on this suddenly hot-button issue, ...

Behind the Scenes June 15, 2012 

Operational insights to help keep your property running at full speed...

Behind the Scenes May 15, 2012 

Operational insights to help keep your property running at full speed...

Welcoming Summer Without the Pests 

Summer is almost here, and with the rise in temperatures comes an increase in pest activity. In the hospitality industry, this means that your guests aren’t the only ones checking in — pests like cockroaches, mosquitoes and flies are packing up and heading for your establishment for a reprieve from the summer heat. ...

Behind the Scenes April 15, 2012 

Operational insights to help keep your property running at full speed...

Increasing Efficiency in Hotel Laundries 

A hotel’s laundry room may not be thought of as the most advanced, efficient operation within the building—but why not? Laundry managers have more options today to improve this necessary function of a hotel....

Behind the Scenes Nov. 15 

Operational insight to help keep your property running at full speed....

Hotel Industry on OSHA Radar 

The hotel industry is on the radar of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Attention was amped up in October 2010, when OSHA launched a Local Emphasis Enforcement Program (LEP) for Virgin Island hotels. The area’s hotels came under OSHA scrutiny because they recorded a significant number of workplace injuries. With OSHA taking a proactive stance, that attention — and associated inspections — will likely spread into other parts of OSHA Region 2....

Homewood Suites Boosts Housekeepers, Engineers 

In the modern world of hotelkeeping, the most important managers at the majority of properties are the executive housekeeper and chief engineer. As the executive committee at many hotels shrinks, housekeepers and engineers must take on additional responsibilities and, more importantly, assume key leadership roles in their hotels, management and ownership companies and even brand companies....

Mold Eradication: Protecting Lodging from Lawsuits 

Owners and operators of hotels, motels or any lodging establishment need no reminders about the ever-present threat of mold along with the litigation associated with its discovery. ...

AHLEI Rolls out Anti-terrorism Training 

In November 2008, terrorists attacked two luxury hotels in Mumbai, India. Less than a year later, in July 2009, terrorists hit two hotels—the JW Marriott and the Ritz-Carlton—in Jakarta, Indonesia. In January 2010 the targets were hotels was Baghdad. In April 2011, Nigeria....

Accor Hotels Are Ready For Hurricane Season 

At least three major hurricanes are predicted this year, according to the Hurricane Center. That’s not all: If the meteorologists are right, Gulf Coast hotels may weather as many as a dozen other serious storms during the June to November hurricane season. The question, as always, is where and, thus, which hotels may be effected. ...

Maintaining Laundry Can Affect Your Bottom Line 

Over the past decade, the trend in the hospitality industry has been toward providing customers with high-end towels and bedding. This increased emphasis on linens has led to sustained pressure on hotel laundry facilities to improve throughput rates while preserving high quality fabrics....

Hotel Receivers Talk Turnaround Strategies 

Working as a hotel receiver isn’t for the faint of heart. The assignment often comes on short notice, sometimes includes a surprised and hostile borrower and a property whose physical structure, staff and cash flow have deteriorated. ...

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