Vendor News Sept. 15, 2012 

Roundup of news from hotel vendors....

Vendor News Aug. 15, 2012 

News and notes about hotel vendors....

Vendor News June 15, 2012 

News and notes from hotel vendors....

Hotel Transactions Set to Surge 

Through the first five months of the year, the pace of hotel transactions has been steady and strong, but not spectacular. That could soon be about to change, according to many lodging leaders at the NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference....

Vendor News May 15, 2012 

Vendor News April 15, 2012 

A roundup of news and notes from hotel vendors....

Vendor News March 15, 2012 

Roundup of vendor news and notes....

Taxes: What You Donít Know May Cost You 

A capital gain occurs when an asset increases in value. Under most circumstances, this event is taxable only when the asset is sold and the gain (or loss) is realized. In general, capital gains taxation in the U.S. has been at 15% for several years. What you may or may not be aware of is starting in January, that rate will increase to 20% above the first $250,000. ...

Vendor News Nov. 15, 2011 

A roundup of hotel vendor news and notes....

Donít Forget Market Study With Your Appraisal 

A hotel appraisal presents an estimate of the market value of a hotel, which simply put, is the likely price the hotel would be expected to sell for on the open market under normal conditions. Since a hotel appraisal concludes with a hotelís market value, it should include a market study for the hotel. ...

The Truth Behind Hotel Feasibility Studies 

Over the years hotel consultants have been blamed for hotel feasibility studies that seem to have missed their mark and came to conclusions that didnít seem to reflect reality. As a consultant and appraiser who has worked on thousands of my own studies and have reviewed hundreds of studies prepared by others, I have found in many instances users of these studies have unrealistic expectations as to what the results actually mean and ...

Vendor News August 15, 2011 

Roundup of vendor news....

Vendor News July 15, 2011 

Vendor News June 1, 2011 

Vendor News May 15, 2011 

Vender News April 2011 

Roundup of personnel and company moves and news for lodging manufacturers and providers....

Resort Investments Promising for Discerning Players 

With the prospect of resorts outperforming hotels in 2011, more investors will be attracted to this exciting comeback market. In Hotel Horizons, Colliers PKF Hospitality Research forecasts U.S. resorts will show year-over-year RevPAR growth of 12.3 percent this year versus 10.4 percent for all hotels. Investors must be careful, though, because...

Wave of ĎPhysical Distressí Still to Come 

While hotel transactions have increased from a trickle to a steady stream in recent months, not everyone is feeling the flow. Trophy assets in gateway cities are trading at pre-recession prices, while many distressed assets continue to languish. ...

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